Will Reicher Chose The Trombone

Having only been a true jazz aficionado for about ten years, glimpses of the true depth of the jazz expression are beginning to be revealed to me.

One day outside while having a particularly good hack and purging baby Japanese sea monsters from my chest, a particularly good Bossa Nova cover of “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” came on, with a ‘somewhat cheesy’ or perhaps cheeky muted trombone playing the lyrics.

Feeling refreshed, never having once to have cried ‘Godzirra!’, that is to say on my way back inside and hearing the horns once more, suddenly I caught a glimpse in my mind of Will Reicher’s grin, mugging the camera. Instantly, the line became clear and I understood.

The trombone was the perfect choice for Will Reicher.

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If we are recovering, say from an illness, what was covered the first time?

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Make The Samsung Tab 2 – 7.0 Whole Again


Latest Drivers Installed
Odin 3.xx installed
Tablet Charged


Install TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) (Espesso Friendly based on Lineage OS reccomendation)
Install Lineage OS – Marshmallow

Official LineageOS Wiki: http://wiki.lineageos.org/espressowifi_info.html

A good TWRP guide page: http://techbeasts.com/install-cwm-twrp-recovery-galaxy-tab-2-p3100-p3110/

TWRP-Espresso Friendly: espresso-common_TWRP_3.1.0-0.tar.md5 https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120715924
Espresso proper: https://download.lineageos.org/espressowifi

Special boot modes

Recovery: Hold Volume Up and Power buttons.

Download: Hold Volume Down and Power buttons.


Turn Tablet Off, Connect Tablet via factory cable to USB at rear of PC

How to Install CWM/TWRP on your Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 / P3110

Download the file for your variant carefully.
Open Odin3.exe.
Put your Tab in Download Mode, to do so, turn it off completely. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power Key, you should see a warning now, press Volume Up to continue.
The ID:COM box in Odin should turn blue now, that means your phone is connected properly in download mode.
Click on the “AP” tab in Odin 3.09 and select the downloaded Recovery.tar file.
In case you’re using Odin 3.07, click on the PDA tab in Odin and select the downloaded Recovery.tar file and let it load.
Make sure that all options in Odin are unticked except “F.Reset Time”.
Hit start now and sit back, it will take a few seconds to flash the recovery, once finished, disconnect your device from your PC.
Press and hold Volume Up + Power Key to access the TWRP Recovery that you just installed.
You can backup your current ROM and do a lot of other things using the options in TWRP.
Make sure that you make Nandroid and EFS backup and save it on your PC as well. Find the option in TWRP.
That’s All.

How to Root Now [Optional]

If you want to root your device now, you can download the SuperSu.zip file.
Place the downloaded file on your phone’s sd card.
Open TWRP and select Install > Select / Choose Zip > SuperSu.zip and flash it.
Reboot your device and find SuperSu in app drawer.
Congrats! You’re now rooted as well.

# From Usama M: Ex Farmviller | Android Fanatic | Software Engineer,Founder – TechBeasts.com
# Thanx to Usama M!


Completely turn off your device, either by pressing and holding power key or by pulling out the battery.
Now turn the device on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power Key.
You should see a warning now, press Volume Up to continue.

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Physics & Psychics

Physics and Psychics

MetaPhysics 101 High Points

Our Parents, Our History, Our Genes and other Fashion Trends.

This chapter describes facets of how we identify our selves, categorize our bodies and possibly experience the awareness of ‘I think – therefore I am.”

As persons, whom are fortunate enough to know and grow up with their parents, often are raised immersed in stories of their forbearers. Within these stories are often found parallels to modern life as to their themes, especially when viewed as a young person. These stories resonate in the mind of the young person and form a feedback loop that shapes the character of the person. Older persons with wisdom recognize these loops (hopefully) and can use or avoid them.

It pays to remember that most things around us are circular, emerge as spirals and travel in waves.

Often the argument is made of NATURE or NUTURE. It would seem these two ideas are as much to our lives as YIN and YANG.

What we experience as ‘ourselves’ is a hybrid of the two. Many theosophies would argue that it is the dichotomy itself, the interplay between the forces of light and dark that drive life itself. Also metaphorical comparisons are often found including ideas such as male and female, forces of overt physical and those of the subvert spiritual, high and low tides, cycles of the moon, seasons, or even our heartbeats and breathing.

We emerge into this world with a chromosomal set of predispositions, which largely determines how we may react to the rise of any given situation. For instance a red balloon could inspire, in a young child, absolute wonder or abject terror.

Now, our egos LOVE having a heritage. It loves having something it can fall back on. The EGO is the portion of our awareness that keeps us alive here in this spacetime and so it enjoys being right, being able to make predictions. It’s job is to understand how rocks and air and trees work, so we can work with those elements of our agreed-upon-world (More-On-That-Later MOTL) and build some really nice huts to keep out of the storm. It’s also what responds to pain and will fight for our existence against perceived threats or dangerous situations. It works with and translates for the animal part of our existence. Fear can emerge from this area. It is connected to our root chakra which is our connection to the earth. It’s our fight or flight sense. It is also the “I” that believes it is separate from everyone and everything else around it. Our family traditions ground our sense of security. As times change many can feel threatened when the old systems cease to function effectively. New ways call for new ways. Traditions change over time.

The EGO resides in the conscious, concrete perceiving mind. It’s the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.” part of our existence. Also true, though lesser known, is “I’ll see it when I believe it.” This turning of the phrase actually belies the vibrational nature of our perceptions.

Even from a metaphysical point of view, the frequencies of the spectrum of light, the hertz of the acoustic sound, and even the magnetic vibrations of molecules we perceive as tactile, are all based on vibration. Without it we approach absolute zero and the world of the quantum.

Our Actions, Our Thoughts, Our Point Of View

Our thoughts are things. This cannot be denied. It is easy to recognize the power of a thought. The very technology which provides us comfort, all it’s intracacies arrived from someone’s thought. Groupings of thought forms develop into Ideas. These have so much power that countries, governments and entire empires fight and die to preserve an idea and to stamp out what could be viewed as ‘competition’.

“Say we meet, and give each other an apple, we still both have an apple.
Say we meet and we exchange ideas, then we each walk away with two ideas.” ~unknown

One must remember that philosophy is the descent of an idea into the pragmatic or practical world. So it works out to be a feedback system between conserving available resources and eeking out the comfortable routine, hopefully punctuated with moments of joy and glorious revelry of some kind. {Dancing Tonight, Speaking in Tongues on Wed.}

This is where our cultural heritage comes into the conversation. The traditions of our parents and theirs before come from the abundances and lacks that were local to where they grew up. When we all traveled on foot and generally ever only made contact with handfulls of people, our point of view operated starkly different than our minds now. Each generation of young persons that rise in the world are already many, in a word, ‘steps’ vibrationally speaking, ahead of their parents. We call it the ‘generation gap’.

Somehow, perhaps our points of view become jaded as we get older. Perhaps this explains why time goes by so much faster for older people. This could be an actual facet of the nature of wisdom itself. The question then becomes, “Can we experience wisdom and simulatously view life through the eyes of a child?”, or does one quality push out the other?

The Bhuddists like to say “Perfect thought arises to perfect attitude which leads to perfect action” of course they also speak of “beginners mind”.

Our planet is arriving at a glorious time when we are now, for the first time no longer tied to where we grew up. We are a mobile civilization. Our point of views are now being shaped by millions of people all over the planet, who are shaping millions of others, and so on.

This situation is a strong cultivator of global consciousness. News is carried across the globe 24/7. Events in one place effect events later in time at another point. We are now behaving like the global weather patterns themselves.

Being globally conscious means we can consider what we do and how we do it in relation to those around us and how it really affects ourselves, once it comes back around one may see. In a simple culture of hard work and craftmanships to stay alive, one is truly connected to the effects of their actions. This lifestyle seemed once threatened, a new appreciation for connecting to the earth now is rising among many humans.

The acceptance of the IDEAS of arbitrary material value systems such as money, property and technology have seemingly allowed for ourselves, as individuals, to perhaps largely feel separated and disconnected from our roots of the earth. At this time now though, the internet is connecting everyone together. We are all now transcending our traditional ways of communication, shearing it of it’s immediate emotional and body language connections via emails, text and video communications. Though video can emulate emotive vibrations rather effectively.

The internet is now allowing us to perceive something new: How our thoughts interact with one another instantaneously at a distance. Speed of light communication allows live exchange of information. The searching phrase of “Hey, did you hear that?” could soon turn into “Hey, did you know that?”

This now allows us concentrate on not only sharing resources (via Craigslist, ebay, you name it) but sharing all our ideas with one another. We no longer have to rely on the traditions of our forefathers. We can choose any ones we want now.

Our bodies are one thing, our Spirit another.

Just as our lineal, body heritage provides us with a set of skills, intuitions, and physical traits, our personality can and does reflect and ‘jump off’, so to speak, from this set of predispositions. The art of Criminal Science emerged from the idea that criminals could be identified by their genealogy before they became offenders. The fact that this idea proves erroneous shows the strength of our personality (some may say our immortal soul) and illustrates our ability to view our actions from any point of view. This also shows the power to choose who we want to be and how to express ourselves is greater than our mundane physical state of being.

Many Christian bibles refer to the human body as “the temple of the Holy Spirit”.
There’s a Facebook Meme that says “You are a ghost driving a meat suit on a rock floating in space.”
Might be the same thing.

“We do not “come into” this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves,” the universe “peoples.” ~Alan Watts

PREFACE: Paradoxical thinking: Zen Koans and Jumbo Shrimp.

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” ~zen koan

“It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” ~one of the children in The Matrix

Many philosophies speak of the nature of reality. Plato wondered if life was a projection as light and images upon the wall of a cave, it’s source out of our reach. Gestaltists speak of apples being a 3D projection of a higher dimensional object. Materialists say ‘what you see is what you get’, and Fundamentalists imply that touching material is dirty.

The Hindus call it Samsara. In English roughly translates to ‘world’ and ‘wandering’ while also implying ‘cyclic change’. Followers feel that Karma drives the cycle of birth, death, re-birth and re-death, based upon the lessons one feels their soul needs the most, largely based on their level of enlightenment. I suspect this reference to enlightenment speaks one’s capacity to percieve various vibrational states of being.

The Harry Potter universe call materialist, non-magical people ‘muggles’. Hindus use a social class system. The western world has it’s largely unspoken class systems. Many of these systems were born of control and fear of loss. So many wars and struggles have rose from the mis-guided desire to hoard precious resources, and/or from pure lust and the taste it gives. In dark corners there is talk of cheating death and the power to control the world.

“Beware the power of the Dark Side of the Force.” ~Yoda

Simultaneously, our own legends speak of Angels, Deamons, beasts under bridges and magical talking animals. Faeries and trolls, gnomes and goblins: we all know these words and the images they invoke. Reports of these creatures seem to filter in from time to time. And some persons seem thoroughly convinced of their existence when they speak of odd things. When in these place sometimes words like ‘timeless’ and ‘immortal’ pop in and out.

In short: How we percieve the world, via our point of view – aka ‘our awareness’ is largely based on vibrational interaction. The general concensus among the many schools of thought that I have investigated seem to agree that ‘lower vibrations’ correspond to harder material interactions, whereas ‘higher vibrations’ tend to speak of esoteric phenomena ranging from Fae creatures, to modes of thinking and perceiving, on into ‘extra-dimentional beings’ such as angels, guides, spirits. Science fiction tells us this is hyperspace and we enter the realm of inter-dimensional travel.

The Theosophical movement of “I AM” states that one may become, after perhaps sainthood, one may choose to become an ‘ascended master’. This apparently entails being able to choose one’s physical existence to a great degree as well as to move about in space and time freely in order to assist the planet and it’s populations. This philosophy speaks of ‘twelve rays’ of differing colors, each representing a specific idea: Red for courage, green for healing, etc. This idea has resonance with scientific ideas, as Einstein’s paper on the photoelectric effect revealed the mechanism by which red light has little effect on the surface of objects, but purple and UV light shear tremendous amounts of electrons from a surface.

It would seem perhaps one definition of conciousness itself is to say: to be the process of decoding or translating quantum energies into experience. i.e. the pleasure of watching a great film, or hugging someone we really love, or fighting for fun or not-fun. Many Native American wisdoms speak one reason we ride the great wheel is to experience life, to experience pain, pleasure and to enjoy being here.

Our spirit resonates at a higher vibration than our physical. For every beat of the drum of spacetime, our emotions beat twice through the astral. Our thoughts vibrate even faster for each pulse of physical.

Which we have to ask ourselves: “How long is a Now?”


Nutshells of Relativity and Quantum Electro-Dynamics.

At the time of this writing Einstien’s theory of Relativitly and Feynman’s theory of Quantum Electro-Dynamics are as of yet irreconcilable. Research into Gravity and multi-dimentional String Theory may yet fill in the blanks.

Our common sense world of bb’s, baseballs and planets operates in what is called Newtonian Physics. Issac Newton and his famous apple first spelled out the mechanics of how our agreement, the one that makes this shared experience possible, how this space works… for the most part according to our senses.

Our concrete perceptions tell us a thing is a thing and nothing else. Our dreams tell us a thing can be anything right up to the point where it ceases to be so.

Time and Space are Fluid

One of the great leaps Einstein made in his thinking was that time and space are flexible. Also introduced was the idea of spacetime. In this universe, when you have movement through space, it takes time and distance. One cannot have one without the other, thusly we have spacetime.

The speed of light is the boundary of our soap bubble. We float around in our three dimensions, ocassionaly jetting past the speed of sound. As we travel we trade time for space. You may have heard of the space travelling twin, where the one on earth gets to see their space faring sibling return some 30 years later, to find they have only aged a few years realative to their own earthbound self. Time and space are flexible. By the way, accelleration and gravity are indistinguishable from one another (as viewed inside a closed system). Food for thought.

Everything is Vibrating & Connected to Each Other.

The measure of temperature is quantifying the amount of energy contained within a system, which is mostly the action of the molecules vibrating and bumping into themselves and their containers. As humans, a small loss of this energy becomes apparent and we reach for the coat or the thermostat. As physical systems, it’s actually rather difficult to reach really, really cold. The energy of our universe is all-pervasive and scientists must use vast arrays of complicated layers of equipment to shut it out for studies at near zero Kelvin.

Siesmologists are contantly having to filter sublte vibrations from civilizations’ effects of trucks, vehicles and even people. Scientists who image atoms must speak in low wispers while in the lab to prevent errant readings.

This principle of connectedness carries on into the metaphysical. Our hearts with each beat transmit and receive a small amount of electrical energy which we share among those around us. This very interaction seems a conduit for exchanging information, likely on a level our concious mind is incapable of perceiving but of which we are perfectly capable of ‘knowing’ when it happens.

Our sense of safety and well being is alerted when creepy people pass nearby, or as we enter into an unsavory area of town. Some places in the wilderness have a negative energy flow and it makes us uneasy. Native Americans usually know of these areas and speak their legends. Some places on earth, things don’t grow there.

Conversely, areas of our planet heal the sick, revitalize our inner an outer being. Look for the old, old spas from the Victorian age (who built really nice hotels on the ancient sites) for some examples.

Our chi flows between us and feel it as fear, joy, emotion, or extacsy. This exchange occurs via our subtle energies bodies and enters our physical bodies via our chakras and is then translated into hormones via our endocrine system.
Each bodily chakra corresponds to a hormonal gland. Biological science can then step in, as we can now measure the amounts and effects of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Photons: Partiwavicles.

Double Slit Experiment and It’s Not Polite to Stare.

Werner Heisenberg introduced the world to the idea of the ‘uncertainty principle’ which basically states that properties of a quantum object such as an electron become ‘smeared out’ when attempts are made of measurement.
When one pins down it’s exact position, the distance information of motion becomes indistinct. When attempting to measure momentum or distance-over-time, it’s exact location begins to spread out, making location at a point in a moving system, such as in ballistics, virtually impossible. Come to find out the quantum tends to operate more on probablities.

The frequency at which the atomic particles of tiny. mundane objects such as quarks and neutrinos ‘appear’ and ‘dissapear’ from the virtual foam into the overt physical largely determines the properties of the object, such as the nature of it’s atoms and the subsequent molecular interactions. Quantum effects such as quantum tunnelling are continually being discovered at the heart of many of nature’s operations, such as photosynethesis or the filtering action of our livers.

The ‘Quantum’ nature that the name arises from, describes the tendancy for matter to arrange itself into discrete units. When an electron moves from one shell in an atom to another, it appears to ‘jump’ from one point to another without passing through the intervening space.

The practical effect we observe from these peculiar observations is that matter behaves like a wave when it needs to, and then can behave like a particle when called for. The Double Slit experiment illustrates this principle. When photons are emitted and pass through a barrier via two parallel slits, then striking a screen, they form an interference pattern of light and dark lines, based primarily on the frequency of the light in reference to the size and distance of the slits. Coincidentaly, this apparatus also makes an incredibly sensitve detector.

When considering photons interacting with one another as EM waves, this observation makes sense as well as correlates with wave actions observed in other systems such as a waves in water passing around obstacles.

The perplexing portion arrives when we slow down the experiment and begin generating photons one at a time. Our experience with the newtonian world makes us think the screen would be full of dots aligned with the two slits. This is the result if the investigator is snarky and tries to ‘peek’ at the photons to see which slit they are passing through.
The act of observation collapses the wave function and the photons behave as particles.

However, left to their own devices they will ~continue~ act as waves collectively over time and still form the interference pattern on the screen. It seems the photons or electrons or what you like to use, travel through ~all possible paths~ to the screen.

This certainly seems to suggest there is a hidden counterpart to photons and other quantum objects that is affected by our interaction with it.

Many Worlds Theory – aka Everett Interpretation:

Mechanics of a motion picture and how to picture a motion.


Accepted as authentic by many ancient cultures.

The Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental & Spiritual Bodies.

What is Awareness? What is the flesh?

Are you paying attention? What a curious turn of phrase.
“I’ll have to pay attention later, I gotta wait till I get paid.” <-- things we never say. What is the currency when we are paying attention? The currency of awareness seems to be the answer. When we are aware, we are observing, assimilating and processing information. Our awareness is so flexible and amazing, we can realize things and events after the fact, recorded into our awareness at the time, even though at the time we were unaware that we were aware! Are you dizzy now? Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castenada's teacher spoke of how we all have an energetic egg, upon which the interior is broadcast our reality. We percieve the world around us very much as a the Star Trek holodeck, only we carry ours around with us. When we sleep and dream, our awareness changes. There is a vortex that is part of our egg called the Assemblage Point. The position of this vortex upon our egg determines it's tuning, so to speak. When we sleep and dream, this position changes and we experience the awareness of other worlds. When we wake, our AP snaps back into place, and we sometimes have a difficult time remembering the dream. The awareness of the dream perhaps vibrates differently than our awareness here. Even in mundane life, our awareness acts like a lens. We can focus it sharply into a precision operation, or we can let it spread out and enjoy a night under the stars. Chi (Qi): Life Energy: aka What's the weather today? Chakras, our energy centers: We are living rainbows. Our energetic egg & how we interface with 'reality'. THE AGREEMENT: How long is a Now? Past, Future and The Eternal Moment. What makes shared experience and communication possible? God, Faith and I AM. SOURCES: (in no particular order) Various portals and translations of the Bhagavad Gita. Various portals and versions of The Bible. The Book of Enoch, tr. by R.H. Charles [1917] @ http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/ Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao, by Mantak Chia; Aurora Press (1983).

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Natural Clothing

In tropical climes: To keep ourselves cool, a moist fleshy plant-like material was worn next to the skin. Although initially clammy to the touch, ideally this would circulate fluids to the broad leafy appendages for evaporative heat exchange. Sunlight, body heat and perspiration would assist the plant.

In arid areas: While we lounged in the shade of the outcropping, our guides began the process of fashioing the native protective ‘cloak’. Shielding from the sun was essiential of course, and the natives had long exploited the hard, white bark-like substance which forms from a large bulbous cactus.

These particular species were slighly larger than a medicine ball, and nearly the same texture, although these a pale glossy green. The thorns were constricted to rings of aggregate clumps, the bottom sporting arrays of menacing conical spikes and it’s polar region bearing smaller, similar arrangements protecting it’s blossom pods.

The old woman indicated a mature individual cacti, her apprentice produced a small hollow reed and used it to break off several of the spikes along the base of the top cap. She then produced a blade and began circumscribing underneath, after a moment forcing the spiky toque to pop off like a cover.

Inside revealed a pale pinkish spongy material that wafted lightly of melon. She continued a circular cutting action around it’s center in some sort of coring action. Several of them then began pressing the top, so as to roll the cacti around and around, pulling it from the center fiberous bundle.

Someone produced a metal ladle and squised it into the hole at the top, slaking juice from the spongy material. This nectar, much to my surpirsem was offered to me. How could I refuse? The scent was light yet penetrating, almost like a mint but with some acrid notes. As it spilled I thoroughly expected mintysour, but was instead greeted with a light sweet taste reminescent of keylime pie. My face brightened with delight and the guides seemed to relax, as if seeking my approval. I offered the rest back to the girl and they passed it around chatting an happy for a few moments.

Now began the process of removing the lower spikes and scoring the outside of the sphere with shallow cuts in a manner similar such to resemble a globe. I wondered if they had ever seen one. This was followed by a slicing downward at the one seam. The Urui guide then proceeded to massage the fiber under the thick hide, forcing them to unfold. This then allowed the fibrous interior to be stretched with stones and to dry in the sun

That evening as the sun was setting and we were gathered at the fire, our cloaks were brought to us. A soaking wet mass was brought out by two men in masks carrying the oversize flat basket. They were replaced by a pair of masked women who would pull what was effectively a wet blanket from the pile and placed it across the shoulders of my companion. It’s weight was obvious. I wondered how on earth me and my companions would travel under the burden of these things… better to fry in the sun? Anxiety was growing within me.

Seeming to sense my fret, Uluru quietly explained how each cloak was personal, and the masks made sure there were no preferences made. Each cloak was only heavy now due to the water. We had to wear them tonight and sleep in them around the fire, so as the fibers dried they would take our shape. It was important for this to happen slowly at night, as drying in the sun caused too much shrinking and one could be trapped in their own cloak!

He also explained these things were quite tough and would protect us from animal attack, should such a thing happen. My friend an I exchanged nervous glances. Before I could ask about these attacks,

The cactus can then be used as a heat-resistant cloak. The roots will dry and strivel for travel, soaking in water once or twice a season will keep the cactus cloak flexible for many years. A thick linen cloth is typically worn to protect the wearer from the coarse interior fibers.

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* having one’s own personal heating and cooling device, perhaps as a Dyson vortex in a hovering or floating ring above one’s person. This would have to be absolutely, or near silent, to be acceptable to most; also autonomous to avoid natural obstacles as well as sadly hovering away to seek fuel or electrons to recharge.

** a completely invisible arrangement of personal comfort as to the generation of a toroidal vortex above or near one’s person, to the effect of having such produce a cooling or warming breeze upon one’s person. This effect would likely be achieved by a local array of emitters, perhaps arranged outdoors in the local grounds or disguised indoors amongst the overhead decor. Scanners would locate each person, and perhaps some brief instructions from the user, verbal or otherwise, to arrange a profile of comfort adjustments.

Such an arrangement indoors would allow a building or structure to be open to natural air, eliminating sealed doors and windows, and provide microclimate control for humans, machine and the spaces they share.

Along similar lines are arrangements of horizontal columns, or nodal ‘pearls on a string’, of cooler or warmer air, generated for groups or crowds. These nodes could easily be swept gently back and forth to cool an area, say for a seated audience or be set up to provide an ‘oasis’ amongst a dynamic gathering.

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“I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day.”

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Gross Sherries


Almond Milk
2% Milk
Coconut Milk
Half & Half

Brown-n-Serve Turkey sausages

LL Raisin Bran
LL Mini-Wheats
LL Rice Chex

LL Grape Juice 1-gal
WATER – 6 gals
LL Tortilla Chips
LL BBQ corn chips

~Other Store~
Paper Towels (select-a-size)
Epsom Salts
Baking Soda (Big Box)

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Lens of Consciousness

Here, perhaps I touch on one of the most critical facets (fastest?) :-? on how us hoomans actually exist in a space.

I’ve approached this point from a couple of different directions over the years; maybe y’all can try some on for size:


Our thoughts and interpretations (The Lens of Consciousness) compose a feedback loop to change the shape of the lens, i.e. our Point Of View (POV). This in turn determines, both literally AND figuratively, how one sees a thing.

Perhaps we could see this Lens traveling through an Infinite Mosaic of 3D realities, many of which bear a striking resemblance to your kitchen, or your work area, or the Driver Seat.

BTW, Bashar is da bom! :-bd

As your lens changes shape, the points behind and in front of you (in time) move closer or further away. These are literal “event horizons” of your now. It is by this interaction that we control our awareness, as we physically unable (at least in this state of mind, or this Point of View) to see beyond these points.

I suppose the use of this same model could also be expanded to include the arc of one’s entire life, with the birth and death being the event horizon points….(but I diverge….. :-B)

But our POV changes the shape of this lens. I suspect the lens has something to do with the Flower Of Life. As we adjust our POV via Intent, we expand our awareness and our Event Horizons expand further from our POV. I suppose when we meditate, we are sending these further and further.

Conversely when we are “being serious” and concentrating on the harsh realities (or perhaps better, just Focused On The Job At Hand (shorn of it’s external pressures of Why, just working on How) ) our lens is sharpy attuned, with our horizons closely at hand, as we feel certain one may collapse and take our corporeal form with it.

Mayhaps this is the mechanics of how we See Everything That Happens when we experience a dangerous event, or Livid Fear, or Pure Exhilaration. Indeed, this seems logical, as Don Juan Matus elucidates on how managing your relationship with Intent, and consequently as well as with your Awareness is key to managing the position of your Assemblage Point, as to where it intersects with your Egg.

This procedure then modulates how our egg intersects with the Eagle’s Emanations. (My understanding begins to waver here… :-/ ) When we can change the position of our AP on our egg, then we literally tune through the bands, much a radio here in this plane.

I understand this path takes tremendous energy, which must be conserved in one’s daily life. This appears to be an exercise of placing one’s self squarely into the now. Shedding unnecessary habits, silencing the internal dialog, and avoiding sexual intercourse will help you to store energy.

Here, I am uncertain exactly what the energy is, per se, only that it is required to drive your Awareness, as your POV lens comes closer and closer to the actual moment you are existing in. Suddenly I know what people are seeing when they say they have seen God (or at least one version anyways…).

They have intersected themselves firmly with their moment. I think the problems arise when trying to live in this fire, and still go about a daily life. I think the two, in many aspects may be directly incompatible. However it would seem that if you could maintain AN awareness in the Fire of the Moment (where both Event Horizons, past and future, have collided at your POV to form your Own Personal Singularity), then you could very likely be empowered to split off an additional awareness, which could then go about and perfrom menial tasks like copying, and butt kissing, and earning a paycheck; which it would go about and perform happily, because “you” would be aware of what was really going on, and how we are all playing the game!

So one can understand why it is important to have the energy to Maintain A Point Of Vew, in order to keep integrity, but lose self importance, and have compassion without pity; plus a whole host of other Points of View, absent of their Taking It Personally trappings.

Which is why Love and Laughter are Kings and Queens!



One of the very first discoveries leading to the Current Theories of the Quantum world was the fact that once you zoomed into reality far enough, it becomes impossible to pin things down. Look up Heisenberg or Schrödinger’s Cat for more details.

The short of it is, particles do not exist [i]per-se[/i], as we think of hard objects ordinarily. (aka Newtonian Physics) Electrons, protons, photons and the like are essentially collections or conglomerations of energy, often words like “packet” or “node” are used to describe particle behavior.

I love this clip, never get tired of watching it:

So we wave, until we look, then we are here. So we’re here as long as we are looking, but as soon as we look away, well, there we are!

So we are where we look. Damn….back to the Consciousness Lens again…but back to science…

Newtonian Physics are the results of the interactions of Magnetism and (Weak Nuclear?) (have to bone up on my Chemistry) IOW we experience the world at the level of interaction that takes place on Chemical and superficially Atomic Levels. (“experience” limited to within the realm of maths and measures)

Now, we have since learned that the packets that form particles can be described in terms of probabilities. IOW there is a bias in the background field that gives certain places a more likely chance of having an electron, or a photon. Just depends on the levels of energy exchange taking place.

Let’s talk about Vibrations. Everything vibrates. We’ve measured everything from Temperature to Harmonics of the fabric of Light itself.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is an interesting realm, where everything is vibrating because everything is vibrating. Here’s a link to the first Quantum Object hoomans have produced:


So here we are actually seeing an object that is phased onto itself as two objects occupying the same space; on vibrating, and one stationary. Is that the coolest or wot? B-)


If we imagine our selves as Wave 2 most of the time, then as we increase our vibrations we encounter the harmionics of other beings, or just a WAY of Being, that is Wave 3, 4 and so on.

This is from a Guitar String, but this principle applies to our entire spectrum of life.

And again, Bashar has got it going on, as IMHO when our reality blinks off, the Information of our Experience goes out and blends with infinity, only to zoom back and form our reality once again.



Your POV is beautiful. I agree that the changes may be accelerating, but I see every reason for the changes to Be Nice To Us, as opposed to much of the divisive and fear generating thought patterns some persons seem to find very exciting.

Sympathic vibrations will attract likeness of themselves. So many persons are here I think to raise the vibration for others. Maybe it will become easier to travel between these extremes more easily, as our Understanding will be increasing….

With Love Everyone!

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[SFX] WWII bomber sound.]

“Pilot to Bombardier, Pilot to Bomb Barter … We’re experienceing technical difficulties… We need a flimsy premise!

Roger Roger! Calling Mrs Premise!

[click-dialtone, rustling clatter, lo fi quality] ‘allo? This is Mrs Conclusion… Agnes is out with the cat at the moment…”

(TOGETHER) “We all hope she’ll be better soon.”

[sounds of bombs falling] Captain, We’ll all miss her.

“Well, your aim will get better with practice.”

“Duke, you’ve switched off your navi-computer.”

Well I aim too!

Chaplian! “We’ve got nothing but Mr. Blue Sky from now on.”

“He’s here? I thought it was the Bee Gees.”

“We’re losing control!”

“Well, pass more legislation!”

“We passed it miles ago, you should have said something before we left.”

“Well, I was right!”

There’s nothing we can do….. It’s Disco!

“Disco – Duck”

[School sounds kids laughing… fade in cheerleaders practicing]

ohhh… look at ~him~

ohyea look at the size of his feet.

Yea… but Fuzzy Duck Dyansty?

[Fuzz guitar, ala Joe Walsh/ Peter Frampton] “Yes I do!” Do you feel?” Do you feel like I do?”

[Ding! Ding! Ding!] )ala boxing ring

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the ka-nineth annual dog-eat-dog boxing rock-n-roll shoot out womp-petition! Tonights special guests are Joe Walsh! [w talk box] “Hello” Peter Frampton! “Hell-o there!”

Robbit the Robot Rabbit {furry rabbit version of Robbie the Robot}”What’s Up Doc?” And a Sinclair Computer!


“Mr Wizard? How do I tell the difference between and Actual Sign and merely My Imagination?”

“I have bad news Jimmy, there is really is no difference. But wait Jimmy, before you go and dunk your head in that vat of avid, Know that your consciousness enters into the universe almost exactly like the light enters the one side of this prison, and almost immediately escapes out the other side, but over here on this side as a fantastic rainbow of colors, just waiting for our surprise and enjoyment….”




Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause…

tooooooOOOO0000000 NITE’S! Program has been Brooaaaaaaauughhhhhh AUGHT! to you BUY BUY! Flesh Roasted Dark Stain Coffeeeeeeeee…. It’s Dark Stain Coffee is Flesh Roasted!


“What are you doing?” I’m Vowelling Out Gravefully!!!”


ALA “Hagar the Horrible”

Viking rader with significant goatee, ‘loaded for bear’, arms full -w- knife in mouth marches through the room and ~just~ as boot is about to door threshold, Lovely bouncy blond pigtail cleavage viking spouse pops up, Viking stops dead in his pose:

“You’ve not eat one bite today, you’re staying right here until you’ve had a bite to eat!” She holds out grog in one hand and sloppy pot in other. Viking stands on one leg, nervously… then….
[Brightly] Stuffs his goatee firmly into the slop pot; a giant sucking sound ensues (Ross Perot in the background]…. immediately folled by the grog. She beams with joy and wipes his beard and gives him a kiss… He grunts nice noises at her and the both go on their way.


Welcome once again to To Nites’ edition of Cognitive Dissonance! Tonight’s broadcast brought to you by Pigs! Not just for breakfast anymore!

On tonight’s CD, we’re going to be Distressing for Dollars!

Beware the Electric Cheese! We wear the Eclectic Sneeze! She does as she pleases…

[lowered, funeral home voice] This e-venn-ing’s prize is the ever present sound that softly and continuously emits it’s soothing resonant tone…. the artist has named this creation “The Pop Star Comes”


Now it’s time to play “Make with the Quantitative Already!”

“welcome lambs to the blessed lady of the holy assumption”


….. aaaAAAND WELCOME! to ~tonights version of Chicken Tomorrow!…. brought to you by our oldest and most steadfast sponder … Just Water.

[Tinkling Music]

“Oh hey there!” Is that Just Water you’re drinking?”

“Why yes! As a matter of fact it IS Just Water.”

Just Water… Try it today!

[Full-blown Church Assembly Choir Singing “Please Cheese Us!”]


“Hello there! This is Burnt Banana! Reporting to you live! from the scene of an atrocious atrocity, of such ferocious ferocity, immense animosity that we’re all down here running around like we’re on fire!”

“Burt! Burt! I have an urgent message for Burt Bananna!”
(ANGRILY) Hey! The name’s BURNT! BURNT BANANNA! I mean… look at me! (SMOULDERING) Do you think I’m named after goddamed Burt & Earnie?!?! JEEESUS! (SPITS ON GROUND, SIGHS HEAVILY) “Allright kid… what have you got?”

“There’s a naked man in the Mal-Wart!”

“What? Again?”


BOSS: (ON SPEAKER) “Yea… what?”
GUARD: “we’ve got another naked man entering the store”
BOSS: “What section is he headed towards?”
GUARD: “Looks like produce.”
BOSS: “Get Lydia, see if her team can herd him towards men swear.”

“Now he’s in plumbing.”
“He’s out of joints. Get Rollin Hand on the line.”

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