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Will Reicher Chose The Trombone

Having only been a true jazz aficionado for about ten years, glimpses of the true depth of the jazz expression are beginning to be revealed to me. One day outside while having a particularly good hack and purging baby Japanese … Continue reading

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If we are recovering, say from an illness, what was covered the first time?

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Make The Samsung Tab 2 – 7.0 Whole Again

ASSUMPTIONS: Latest Drivers Installed Odin 3.xx installed Tablet Charged THE IDEA: Install TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) (Espesso Friendly based on Lineage OS reccomendation) Install Lineage OS – Marshmallow Official LineageOS Wiki: A good TWRP guide page: … Continue reading

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Physics & Psychics

Physics and Psychics MetaPhysics 101 High Points Our Parents, Our History, Our Genes and other Fashion Trends. This chapter describes facets of how we identify our selves, categorize our bodies and possibly experience the awareness of ‘I think – therefore … Continue reading

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Natural Clothing

In tropical climes: To keep ourselves cool, a moist fleshy plant-like material was worn next to the skin. Although initially clammy to the touch, ideally this would circulate fluids to the broad leafy appendages for evaporative heat exchange. Sunlight, body … Continue reading

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* having one’s own personal heating and cooling device, perhaps as a Dyson vortex in a hovering or floating ring above one’s person. This would have to be absolutely, or near silent, to be acceptable to most; also autonomous to … Continue reading

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“I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day.”

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Gross Sherries

27-Aug ~_INGLES_~ Almond Milk 2% Milk Coconut Milk Half & Half Eggs Brown-n-Serve Turkey sausages LL Raisin Bran LL Mini-Wheats LL Rice Chex Raisins Bananas Chocolate LL Grape Juice 1-gal WATER – 6 gals LL Tortilla Chips LL BBQ corn … Continue reading

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Lens of Consciousness

Here, perhaps I touch on one of the most critical facets (fastest?) :-? on how us hoomans actually exist in a space. I’ve approached this point from a couple of different directions over the years; maybe y’all can try some … Continue reading

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[SFX] WWII bomber sound.] “Pilot to Bombardier, Pilot to Bomb Barter … We’re experienceing technical difficulties… We need a flimsy premise! Roger Roger! Calling Mrs Premise! [click-dialtone, rustling clatter, lo fi quality] ‘allo? This is Mrs Conclusion… Agnes is out … Continue reading

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