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Her sleep was troubled. Dreams engaged then slipped from her feet. As she fell, she knew she was awake; terror began to rise then flood her mind as she realized she was lying in bed, falling and paralyzed! Her mind … Continue reading

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Pickles is too hot.

Pickles adjusted her tiny sunbrella to optimize her shade. Stuffing the shaft of the umbrella under her lid, she adjusted herself back onto his shoulder, nesting herself nicely on his right epaulet. “Howard, why are we in the desert, again?” … Continue reading

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Beauty is expensive, and this has nearly been it’s death. Shunned by delirious bean counters, only too late did the bottom lining meat hooks realize… Folks would rather live, work and play in places that look nice; more importantly FEEL … Continue reading

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Sitting Duck

RUN! His body fled animal-like along the pitchblack fence line; perceiving his clarity of path came more as a feeling, letting it guide him nearly effortlessly behind the garages, hedges, dogs and doghouses, BBQ grills, trashcans, kids toys all made … Continue reading

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Nice Pen

“Saaay…that is a nice pen.” His long wide black leather tie briefly glistened as he turned back towards the guru. “It got a good weight to it, feels good in the hand…and…and it writes nice too…” The man in the … Continue reading

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The Bathmat

“Five?” He pursed his lips through his white beard and stared at the ceiling, emitting a soft whistle. “Five’s no problem, it just takes longer, the real question is, can 5 people stand on a bathmat for six minutes?” “Elly … Continue reading

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It is perhaps that we should strive for a state of continual bewilderment, unto which we have shed all expectation. This may allow for a state of permanent amusement, into which we gently insert ourselves in order that we may … Continue reading

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Attitude for Celestial Navigation

It becomes clear that our attitudes towards even the most mundane tasks opens a fissure or channel into the depths of our realities, which then affects to open a channel unto the spirit or essence of the action or at … Continue reading

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