Lens of Consciousness

Here, perhaps I touch on one of the most critical facets (fastest?) :-? on how us hoomans actually exist in a space.

I’ve approached this point from a couple of different directions over the years; maybe y’all can try some on for size:


Our thoughts and interpretations (The Lens of Consciousness) compose a feedback loop to change the shape of the lens, i.e. our Point Of View (POV). This in turn determines, both literally AND figuratively, how one sees a thing.

Perhaps we could see this Lens traveling through an Infinite Mosaic of 3D realities, many of which bear a striking resemblance to your kitchen, or your work area, or the Driver Seat.

BTW, Bashar is da bom! :-bd

As your lens changes shape, the points behind and in front of you (in time) move closer or further away. These are literal “event horizons” of your now. It is by this interaction that we control our awareness, as we physically unable (at least in this state of mind, or this Point of View) to see beyond these points.

I suppose the use of this same model could also be expanded to include the arc of one’s entire life, with the birth and death being the event horizon points….(but I diverge….. :-B)

But our POV changes the shape of this lens. I suspect the lens has something to do with the Flower Of Life. As we adjust our POV via Intent, we expand our awareness and our Event Horizons expand further from our POV. I suppose when we meditate, we are sending these further and further.

Conversely when we are “being serious” and concentrating on the harsh realities (or perhaps better, just Focused On The Job At Hand (shorn of it’s external pressures of Why, just working on How) ) our lens is sharpy attuned, with our horizons closely at hand, as we feel certain one may collapse and take our corporeal form with it.

Mayhaps this is the mechanics of how we See Everything That Happens when we experience a dangerous event, or Livid Fear, or Pure Exhilaration. Indeed, this seems logical, as Don Juan Matus elucidates on how managing your relationship with Intent, and consequently as well as with your Awareness is key to managing the position of your Assemblage Point, as to where it intersects with your Egg.

This procedure then modulates how our egg intersects with the Eagle’s Emanations. (My understanding begins to waver here… :-/ ) When we can change the position of our AP on our egg, then we literally tune through the bands, much a radio here in this plane.

I understand this path takes tremendous energy, which must be conserved in one’s daily life. This appears to be an exercise of placing one’s self squarely into the now. Shedding unnecessary habits, silencing the internal dialog, and avoiding sexual intercourse will help you to store energy.

Here, I am uncertain exactly what the energy is, per se, only that it is required to drive your Awareness, as your POV lens comes closer and closer to the actual moment you are existing in. Suddenly I know what people are seeing when they say they have seen God (or at least one version anyways…).

They have intersected themselves firmly with their moment. I think the problems arise when trying to live in this fire, and still go about a daily life. I think the two, in many aspects may be directly incompatible. However it would seem that if you could maintain AN awareness in the Fire of the Moment (where both Event Horizons, past and future, have collided at your POV to form your Own Personal Singularity), then you could very likely be empowered to split off an additional awareness, which could then go about and perfrom menial tasks like copying, and butt kissing, and earning a paycheck; which it would go about and perform happily, because “you” would be aware of what was really going on, and how we are all playing the game!

So one can understand why it is important to have the energy to Maintain A Point Of Vew, in order to keep integrity, but lose self importance, and have compassion without pity; plus a whole host of other Points of View, absent of their Taking It Personally trappings.

Which is why Love and Laughter are Kings and Queens!



One of the very first discoveries leading to the Current Theories of the Quantum world was the fact that once you zoomed into reality far enough, it becomes impossible to pin things down. Look up Heisenberg or Schrödinger’s Cat for more details.

The short of it is, particles do not exist [i]per-se[/i], as we think of hard objects ordinarily. (aka Newtonian Physics) Electrons, protons, photons and the like are essentially collections or conglomerations of energy, often words like “packet” or “node” are used to describe particle behavior.

I love this clip, never get tired of watching it:

So we wave, until we look, then we are here. So we’re here as long as we are looking, but as soon as we look away, well, there we are!

So we are where we look. Damn….back to the Consciousness Lens again…but back to science…

Newtonian Physics are the results of the interactions of Magnetism and (Weak Nuclear?) (have to bone up on my Chemistry) IOW we experience the world at the level of interaction that takes place on Chemical and superficially Atomic Levels. (“experience” limited to within the realm of maths and measures)

Now, we have since learned that the packets that form particles can be described in terms of probabilities. IOW there is a bias in the background field that gives certain places a more likely chance of having an electron, or a photon. Just depends on the levels of energy exchange taking place.

Let’s talk about Vibrations. Everything vibrates. We’ve measured everything from Temperature to Harmonics of the fabric of Light itself.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is an interesting realm, where everything is vibrating because everything is vibrating. Here’s a link to the first Quantum Object hoomans have produced:


So here we are actually seeing an object that is phased onto itself as two objects occupying the same space; on vibrating, and one stationary. Is that the coolest or wot? B-)


If we imagine our selves as Wave 2 most of the time, then as we increase our vibrations we encounter the harmionics of other beings, or just a WAY of Being, that is Wave 3, 4 and so on.

This is from a Guitar String, but this principle applies to our entire spectrum of life.

And again, Bashar has got it going on, as IMHO when our reality blinks off, the Information of our Experience goes out and blends with infinity, only to zoom back and form our reality once again.



Your POV is beautiful. I agree that the changes may be accelerating, but I see every reason for the changes to Be Nice To Us, as opposed to much of the divisive and fear generating thought patterns some persons seem to find very exciting.

Sympathic vibrations will attract likeness of themselves. So many persons are here I think to raise the vibration for others. Maybe it will become easier to travel between these extremes more easily, as our Understanding will be increasing….

With Love Everyone!

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