* having one’s own personal heating and cooling device, perhaps as a Dyson vortex in a hovering or floating ring above one’s person. This would have to be absolutely, or near silent, to be acceptable to most; also autonomous to avoid natural obstacles as well as sadly hovering away to seek fuel or electrons to recharge.

** a completely invisible arrangement of personal comfort as to the generation of a toroidal vortex above or near one’s person, to the effect of having such produce a cooling or warming breeze upon one’s person. This effect would likely be achieved by a local array of emitters, perhaps arranged outdoors in the local grounds or disguised indoors amongst the overhead decor. Scanners would locate each person, and perhaps some brief instructions from the user, verbal or otherwise, to arrange a profile of comfort adjustments.

Such an arrangement indoors would allow a building or structure to be open to natural air, eliminating sealed doors and windows, and provide microclimate control for humans, machine and the spaces they share.

Along similar lines are arrangements of horizontal columns, or nodal ‘pearls on a string’, of cooler or warmer air, generated for groups or crowds. These nodes could easily be swept gently back and forth to cool an area, say for a seated audience or be set up to provide an ‘oasis’ amongst a dynamic gathering.

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