Will Reicher Chose The Trombone

Having only been a true jazz aficionado for about ten years, glimpses of the true depth of the jazz expression are beginning to be revealed to me.

One day outside while having a particularly good hack and purging baby Japanese sea monsters from my chest, a particularly good Bossa Nova cover of “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” came on, with a ‘somewhat cheesy’ or perhaps cheeky muted trombone playing the lyrics.

Feeling refreshed, never having once to have cried ‘Godzirra!’, that is to say on my way back inside and hearing the horns once more, suddenly I caught a glimpse in my mind of Will Reicher’s grin, mugging the camera. Instantly, the line became clear and I understood.

The trombone was the perfect choice for Will Reicher.

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4 Responses to Will Reicher Chose The Trombone

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