“Ralph Comes Home” – or – ‘The Falsehood of Anxiety’




TITLE: “Ralph Comes Home” -or- ‘The Falsehood of Anxiety’

ARTIST: R.L. Stanley

ITEM: One-of-a-Kind Wall Art Window Sculpture – Batch 1 – 3 of 3

SIZE: ~ 32″x 32″ (allow ~ 12″-18″ above for mounting)

DESCRIPTION: Found Item Single-Pane window sash circa 1949 (Wild Guess), with original white paint. (!!!MAY CONTAIN LEAD!!!) Left-Hand pane broken -w- small hole & cracks extend width of pane. Right-Hand pane intact,

THEMES: Uncertainty & Not-Knowing, Head-vs-Heart, Objects of Desire, “Real-World” Problems & Struggle, Family, Reunion, Treasure & Reward, Nostalgia, “Seek & Ye Shall Find.”

FOUND ITEMS, MIXED MEDIA, MINOR ANTIQUES, NATURAL ELEMENTS & ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY: ~ 11″x15″ HQ photo print, original content; magazine pages, maps, disco shoestring, 45-record & Hard Cover, wild rose stems, screws, steel wire, aluminum tape, hand-cut spruce strips.

ARTIST’S IMPRESSIONS: Felt a bit lost & anxious when starting this one, a bit like walking in tall corn with only a vauge notion of the direction one must go in order to move on. Uncertain of where it was going to go, I must say that viewing the item upon completion it seems I am more pleased with this one than I thought I was going to be. I suppose that may be the falsehood of anxiety.

PROCESS: The names on the large map seemed annoying, so they got covered. That process seemed to re-invent how to see the map. Then the objects seemed naturally to flow along the lines, especially after the brain appeared. The thorns tend to speak for themselves. I am slightly disappointed the words “Tribal Reservations” got inadvertently covered… seems apropos upon reflection….

This piece was probably the most gentle and cooperative of the three.

While considering the title, I heard Joe Cocker’s version of “With a Little Help From My Friends” strongly in my imagination. It earwormed pretty much through the entire button-up session at the end. ~ RLS

MOUNTING: Two (2) Iron wire loops affixed to the original weight ropes, ~ 32″ apart, accepts #10 or 1/4″ fasteners, perhaps slightly larger.

PLEASE KNOW THIS! The cotton clothesline rope in the middle is for TEMPORARY USE ONLY and is untrustworthy; exists solely for the ease of getting it home. Please remove prior to mounting.

Made in East Tennessee, USA. December 2017.


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