“Dreams Work For You.”




TITLE: “Dreams Work For You.”

ARTIST: R.L. Stanley

ITEM: One-of-a-Kind Wall Art Window Sculpture – Batch 1 – 2 of 3

SIZE: ~ 32″x 32″ (allow ~ 6″ above for mounting)

DESCRIPTION: Found Item Single-Pane window sash circa 1949 (Wild Guess), with original white paint. (!!!MAY CONTAIN LEAD!!!) paint on panes present when found. Both panes intact.

THEMES: Networking in all senses of the word, Rise and Fall of Cities, UFO’s, Broadening One’s Point Of View, Everything Changes, There Is More To It.

FOUND ITEMS, MIXED MEDIA, MINOR ANTIQUES, NATURAL ELEMENTS & ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY: ~ 11″x15″ HQ photo print, original content; magazine pages, maps, pizza pan, 45-record, local honeysuckle vines, screws, steel wire.

ARTIST’S IMPRESSIONS: Apparently, I felt somewhat put-out about the overall state of man’s apparent continuation of abuse of mother-earth (even though things ~are~ now rising from a once age-of-darkness.) I may have been listening to some NPR news that day. Pretty sure I didn’t set out to make an environmental statement, as I’m one to hug-a-tree, but not much to preach about it, unless you light up about it of course. I suppose the upside-down USA map lends itself to current topics of the USA backing out of the Paris Accords. The appearance of the phrase “United States Climate” was somewhat cheeky on the part of the piece. The globe offers a tempering influence as well as poking at ‘murica’, saying “you are part of a whole.” During post completion viewing I also noticed the pizza pan in combo with the pane paint looks a lot like a UFO -w- clouds over a metro area…. (as viewed from above, ala ‘B’- movie LOL!) That made me smile.

PROCESS: This piece was rather uncooperative and transmuted itself several times between the layout and the assembly. The first arrangement pleased me much, but it seemed to mock me and hide pieces, move them, mirror them… ~sigh~ so I guess I did my job and let the piece sort of do what it wanted. Overall I think I’m happy with it, but I suppose I that liking the thing is actually unrequired. ~ RLS

These selections were playing while tidying up and it seemed to go well after that.

Musical Accompaniment:
Charles Mingus – “Meditations {on Integration} (For a Pair of Wirecutters)” 1964
Sun Ra And His Arkestra ‎– In The Orbit Of Ra (2014),
NOTE: This may make viewing more difficult, unless one plays “Axis, Bold As Love” in addition.

MOUNTING: Two (2) Iron wire loops fastened to the upper sides of the sash, ~ 32″ apart, accepts #10 or 1/4″ fasteners, perhaps slightly larger.

PLEASE KNOW THIS! The cotton clothesline rope in the middle is for TEMPORARY USE ONLY and is untrustworthy; exists solely for the ease of getting it home. Please remove prior to mounting.

Made in East Tennessee, USA. December 2017.


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