“Hats Off To Larry” – or – ‘Blue Wants to Be White.’



TITLE: “Hats Off To Larry” – or – ‘Blue Wants to Be White.’

ARTIST: R.L. Stanley

ITEM: One-of-a-Kind Wall Art Window Sculpture – Batch 1 – 1 of 3

SIZE: ~ 32″x 32″ (allow ~ 12-18″ above for mounting)

DESCRIPTION: Found Item Single-Pane window sash circa 1949 (Wild Guess), with original white paint. (!!!MAY CONTAIN LEAD!!!) Left-Hand pane found broken with large part missing. Right Hand pane intact.

THEMES: Aspirations & Compromise, Melancholy, Working & Playing in America, Decaying Industry, Hard Work for One’s Life, Dreams of Building & Retirement, Maintenance and Lack-there-of.

FOUND ITEMS, MIXED MEDIA, MINOR ANTIQUES, NATURAL ELEMENTS & ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY: ~ 11″x15″ HQ photo print, original content; magazine pages, maps, pizza pan, 45-record, local honeysuckle vines, wild rose stems, 1980’s chair foam, screws, steel wire.

ARTIST’S IMPRESSIONS: Was rather excited to find these window sashes and begin this series. This piece began with much excitement, but quickly turned into something I didn’t understand, but understanding is unrequired, especially at the moment of manifestation. Reflection makes it into a searching, longing, feeling of dis-satisfaction. I feel the honeysuckle and rusty photo bring the natural overgrowth and decay that arise naturally when one must leave a thing unattended for some time.

The foam seemed to want to ‘stop up the window’, as if to prevent a draft (pun intended?). I particularly like the contrast of the texture it offers. Here the Rose stems seems to indicate things get in anyway.

It is difficult to escape the feeling of an American Worker “wanting more”, and mostly compromise is the paltry reward for their effort; existential disappointment. ~ RLS

PROCESS: The piece fell together rather well even though it was somewhat puzzling at the time. It actually seemed to form ‘front-to-back’, with the honeysuckle and rose stems first, even though they were the last to go on, ultimately; those vines out the broken glass was the instant image when I first touched it. All these industry, decay and mildly regretful ideas began flowing around. Thoughts of my dad seemed to run strong. His retirement plan didn’t exactly go as planned either…..

I think I prefer to make brighter pieces, but it can be difficult to perform what we prefer.

MOUNTING: Two (2) Iron wire loops affixed to the original weight ropes, ~ 32″ apart, accepts #10 or 1/4″ fasteners, perhaps slightly larger.

PLEASE KNOW THIS! The cotton clothesline rope in the middle is for TEMPORARY USE ONLY and is untrustworthy; exists solely for the ease of getting it home. Please remove prior to mounting.

Made in East Tennessee, USA. December 2017.


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