Our Mystical Character

The Girl With The Vibrant Aura

Now, at our initial meeting, I was caught a little off guard and I was sort of down, which actually may have played in your favor in regards to accuracy as it maybe subdued my flighty-ness. I strive to ‘keep it real’. My imagination nearly has a life of it’s own, and persons have enough troubles without me inventing ones for them.

So these ideas, I dispense them with some caution, mainly as a BS filter.

Now, that said… Let’s explore!

Watch out! Here there be Dragons!


My personal impression of your point of view is you may be strongly receptive to this information and are ready for some ‘meat and potatoes’ of metaphysics.


OK… (My finder fingers have typed you out quite a long read!)

What I received from your energetic signature the other day was this:

► ‘Vibrant’ was the first word that arrived. Your aura is nearly translucent, with tendrils slowly waving and going out. A bit hazy outside that. It’s boundary larger than most folks, indicating the flow of your chi is ‘greater’ than most folks here in town. (Comparisons are dangerous though.) Your ‘lust for life’ is good. Based on the light blue, pink and green colors (like sherbert) I’d say your point of view is in a pretty good place.

► You have a strong, even fierce sense of what it means to be a ‘woman’. Be careful of how one forms a definition here, these idea boundaries are often pressed against an ‘average’, society opinion, which is an illusion. I find it healthier to stay out of other people’s heads. Merely the reading of the three words “Maiden, Mother and Crone” possess, together, vastly more powerful energies than a year of soap opera or sitcom ‘programming’ into the meaning of the word ‘woman’.

Women Are Smarter – Grateful Dead

► You have a great disposition for what is generally termed ‘psychic’; this term is actually like many people use the word ‘doctor’ today. There are LOTS of kinds of doctors, and many kinds of psychics. I hope to show you some ideas on how you can find out where your talents are. You know, there are lot more people with super powers on the tv these days….

Really you, and most of us, already are psychic to some degree. It’s a natural part of being human. For centuries we’ve had it squashed from us with the social belief systems of ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Actually the reverse is true. “I’ll see it when I believe it.” reveals the vibratory nature of perceptions and how we see the world around us.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

► ♀ You have a strong ‘Goddess Energy’. This is your natural connection to the earth. This is part of what you feel when you feel ‘womanly’, or ‘extra feminine’. (and – yes, when you are bleeding like there is no tomorrow.) (Clay, whatever she said during this time, she don’t mean it, you know that.) I suspect this also includes the ‘warrior princess’ modes that gave us the Amazons, Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc and Maud Gonne There are several Matriarchal Paths that teach how to use this energy. These include, Native American Medicine, Wicca, Druidism, Celtic & Icelandic Lore, some forms of Shamanism (particularly Japanese, depending on prefect) and some Voodoo traditions. ♪ NOTE: all paths are valid for the devoted follower. Personally, I use some like tools in a set.

(?) As you two were going in the house after our initial encounter, I was ‘playing back the tapes’ and got a nearly immediate impulse of ‘kidneys’. Apparently things are mostly OK, but the standard advice these days is: drink more water, less otherstuff. I would encourage spring water over ‘purified’ or municipal supply, as one is dead, the other tainted. (Florine clogs up one’s third eye.) Home brew Tea & Coffee I deem ‘better’ than sodas, mainly due to lack of sugar, HFCS, and who-knows, but they do act as diuretics and dehydrate. (tho there are many therapeutic elements in tea and coffee, and fruit juices from which sodas were originally derived)

(???) Now, this next bit you can take it or leave it. Like I said, this may be accurate or I may be making it up, or getting my signals crossed. This occurred right after ‘kidneys’, almost as an echo, so I get ‘distant’.

Your ankle bone areas appeared highlighted. I felt uncertain so I quizzed again and felt a pain in my own ankles. Hmm. K. Then ‘playing back the tape’ I got ‘wrists, ankles, neck’, which then, due to the ‘distant’ I felt was a childhood bone issue. If this were to be the case, I got an impression of a carryover from a previous incarnation (there are infinite timelines all existing at once in a ‘dream soup’, all happening NOW, so it can be rather confusing. We also have access to any of the lives in our soul-tree (which is quite a few) during say, the year 900 or 1909 or whenever, from what I understand so far.) So I tend to look at “past and future lives” as “parallel lives”.


Three minute, mind bending version:
(you can skip to 2:45 if you want, #3 is why we’re here)
Minute Physics – Three Theories of Parallel Worlds

The ‘an entire episode’ Version: (with Morgan Freeman!)

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman – Parallel Realities
Is there a reality where greedy copy-write lawyers are farm raised and turned into GatorChow™? (best copy available)

That being said, this next impression here was received spontaneously later that evening, of my own curiosity and ‘exploring’. So again, I might be full of veritable hokum.

The image was you as a female in light blue and purple and green scarf-type silky material, like harem-girl-belly-dancer of the trope these days, and apparently you had murdered (somewhat ruthlessly with a knife) your arrange-marriage abusive husband. The clip I caught was where the men in dark were holding you and another facing you was reading the scroll with the sentence of execution, and then I apparently tuned out as they began tying the long ropes that were attached to the the five horses. (Rather grim, I hope I’m wrong, actually.)

Trauma from nearby lives carries over into this one. It shows up as irrational behavior, fears, phobias and even birthmarks and physical birth deformities. Part of our soul’s development I think.

The good news: we also carry forward skills, traits, abilities and intuitions. We can pull from these parallel lives like a library. My opine is quantum entanglement connects not only us locals to ones we love, but any one of our ‘selves’ in other ‘places’ that are experiencing any the same parallel problems.
Humans is humans no matter where you are. We all have to eat, love, hate, poop, sing and create and destroy. The human condition lines up in 12,000 years ago, or now, or when ever.
Via our imaginations we have access to all this, wherever or whenever part of us happens to be. The important part to remember is, it’s just as real there as it is here. (sorta, depending)


It's made of foam rubber!

♪ NOTE: This is a widely accepted model, as far as I can tell. Largely sourced from schools of Ayurvedic, Theosophical, Druidic, some channeled material and some actual science and physics. I’m also assuming you are mainly unfamiliar with most of these ideas. If you are with some knowledge, then you may already understand most of this.

#1: Be Skeptical of information! Trust your feelings. There are a lot of hucksters, charlatans and simple idiots that would use these vague areas to their advantage. Be absolutely skeptical of any ‘new age technology’, as well as any ‘spells’, ‘luck magnets’ amulets, charms, love potions, hexes, orgone radiator – generators etc. SOME of that stuff is genuine. Others, not so much.

Pure, natural items such as crystals, gems, jewelery and religious icons tend to be less pollutable (tho sometimes dyed). Watch for price gouging. Each crystal type has a specific vibration suited for a particular function.

Example Crystal Chart

Our hearts vibration is true to our being and is incapable of ‘lying’ or ‘being lied to’ as our conscious mind can deceive or be deceived. Learning to ‘listen’ to that ‘voice’, (which is often the quietest among the choices vying for one’s attention) takes time, practice and trusting one’s self. Direct communication can occur with images or waves of spontaneous feeling, or other ways.

Abraham Hicks:
Abraham-Hicks – Imagination
(She sort of baffles me) I trust both her and Bashar as sources, implicity, btw.

So when absorbing ANY mystically designed information, be discriminating. Not only are some other persons energies (usually, generally) confused, but deciding which perceptions are ‘real’ and which are ‘imaginary’ can be a loathsome and untenable process. And different people vibrate at different levels and see the same things quite differently, so what is sound advice for one may be a disaster for another.

Fear and confusion have genuine power, but so does Love. Fear, worry, and uncertainty drive us into ‘loops’ and these loops can serve to ‘feed’ lower astral entities, sometimes called “daemons” or “hungry ghosts”. These will prey on the weak and feeble minded, the really drunk or out-of-their-mind persons. It’s a great privilege to have a flesh body. There are some extra-dimensional entities that would love to have a ‘joy ride’ in a meat suit. These ‘hijackings’ are rare though, and most of the time the influence results in us screaming a strange, hateful phrase at someone we care about. There are simple protections one can put in place, mental, physical and astral.

When we doubt ourselves, we are literally questioning who we are. This is an opportunity to change how we respond. Sometimes we ‘try on’ different expressions to see how they feel. Sometimes we use these to make sure we prefer something else. Yes.
Something lighter perhaps.

Linda Goodman’s Star Signs is a ~wonderful~ book of great stories of syncronicity and is kind of a ‘users manual’ for the human body. She speaks of the colors of foods that are good for you based on your birthday, stones, numerology, lexicography, and much more.

Sometimes being a psychic is a huge pain. Most folks are caught up in the matrix and constantly broadcast their problems. Mostly these are outside of their now and caught up in regrets of the past or anxiety of the future. If you are an open channel then too much of DO NOT WANT can really happen in one’s head. Learning to manage one’s energies via physio-mental ‘treatment’ (such as coffee, St. John’s Wort or other neurotransmitter adjustments) will help some in the short term, but ultimately developing ‘effective coping mechanisms’ via visualizations, meditations, prayer, or some sort of spiritual interlacing with one’s lifestyle I see as integral to developing one’s mystical character.

One may find they need exercises such as yoga, tai-chi and qi-gong, or maybe the occasional rei-kei treatment to really get their ducks in a row. That’s largely going to be up to you to figure out the nuances of how stuff arises in your sphere, your body, and your mind. There is a cause-and-effect, but as for the chaotic results it’s up to you to find the patterns. Even though our society’s mainstream has lost touch with many of the medicinal and overall balancing properties of plants and herbs, there are many emerging now, local and internet to whom this knowledge is being regained and taught and practiced. Research and knowledge helps one know thyself.

I had to have Tai Chi. Before that I would get overwhelmed in public.
Still do sometimes, but it’s easier to manage somewhat today.

There’s a health food store next to Ollie’s (in it’s own little building) where the girl and guy are rather knowledgeable about the human body and mind. (stay away from Sunsine market, Indian lady is too smiley!)

Myself: I came from a science background, until I ran out of science. Chakras as a concept were once foreign to me, but I have since learned to more than accept that they are real, and can now physically feel them in my own body. For substances, I take Ashwaganda, an Indian Ginseng, as a mood stablizer. I also take St. John’s wort for my anxiety. Things like Vitamin C, MSM (sulphur), zinc, magnesium are also good to think about.

Oh, HERE’s a rather nice chakra chart I just found.

Even as an experienced empath, it can be tough to distinguish between ‘psychic’ reception, and my plain old over active imagination.

I spoke to Clay about how I perform a lot of discrimination and double checking before anything comes out of my mouth. Even an errant suggestion to someone who is ‘seeking’ can turn into an artificial construct. Sometimes ideas can gain a life of their own. It’s difficult to know when it’s real. The good news is, BS generally don’t stick. You got to keep putting it on.

To reiterate:
#1: Be Skeptical of information! Trust your feelings.
“But Yogurt, I lost the ring!”
“Forget the ring! Use your schwartz!”
~ Spaceballs

#1A: Truth is largely what you choose it to be, but there is ‘an agreement’ that makes conversation between two people possible. (Note: term ‘people’ used rather loosely here, as could be ‘plant people on another planet’…)

So moving with integrity and honesty with one’s self and perceptions I suppose is the second key to developing one’s mystical character accurately.

Be completely sincere and honest with yourself and those around you. Now that being said, reality can be a bummer, and very few enjoy the harsh facts. Laughter is the best medicine. We can have sincere, deep interactions with folks and not be ‘so serious’. Making jokes and playing with words and puns (and light pranking) can make light of anything, and everyone is being totally in the moment and ‘real’.

KEYWORDS: Chakras, Chakra Chart, Endocrine System, Hormones

#2 Be sincere and honest, but keep it light.

#2A: You are a ghost in a meat suit on a rock floating in space. O.K. Fair enough, but if we are asleep and dreaming this awake life like the Navi in Avatar, then where do we wake up and go take a whiz and eat and have a smoke?

#2B: Via sincerity with ourselves, we open a channel to divine assistance. This can come in many forms, or nearly any form. Some say angels, some say angles. Others say guides, or spirits, or flying spaghetti monster. (The secret: Love is in the air.) The key is to focus on the end result desired, this usually works better when we are asking something for others. Then somehow what we need shows up in the process. Avoid searching for loopholes in this process, therein lie the devils. Again, integrity.

#2C: When we make up our mind to do something and take that first step, what we really need will be automatically funneled to us. The dissonance arises when we fail to realize how we need is what we are handed. “No! I plainly asked you for a DART gun!” (turns out it was handy later? eh?)

The trouble I have is determining, when taking that first step, if I find my shoes were tied together – was it to keep me out of trouble, or merely for a laugh? (answer: Both)

#3 There is always more. Imagination & visualization is the key. Focus and concentration have much power. Science has shown our brains cannot distinguish between an actual event and an imagined one. This fact alone has huge implications for how our reality is perceived.

Keys To The Imagination

Bashar Speaks of Keys of Imagination.
Bashar’s mode of speaking can be intense, but it’s worth the effort.

#4 The thoughts in your head may not be your own. You choose which ones to own and which ones to reject. There are thought ‘fields’ and bubbles, where everyone in the area who is excited about a topic, will automatically ‘tune in’. Becoming aware of one’s “monkey mind” will help. This is where meditation comes in.

#5 Places and things soak up emotional energy. Learning to recognize when you are ‘neutral’ and picking up impressions from places is a good skill to hone. You can read a lot about a place or thing by handling it, being there, or sometimes just imagining it.

#6 As humans we are constantly ‘broadcasting’ and ‘receiving’ energies. When we are emotionally upset about a personal issue and we feel like saying ‘fuck the world’, we are actually experiencing a more pure form of negative energy and we are receiving ‘too much’ reality. We literally are ‘sucking’ into our own center, hence the slang.

When are are ‘in love’, then we become source, and we flow outwards with much positive energy. This is when we want to share with everyone. The problem is, it’s a personal thing. It quickly ferments into cheesy, corny, or sappy. (“God, all this Disney singing blows, man. Let’s go get loaded.”)

#7 There is no good or evil in the world, we only feel that way. There are only positive and negative energies, the flow or stagnation of the two, and the point of view from which to observe the flux.

In terms of metaphysics, negative energy is the inward flow of our being into our navels. Positive energy is the arising or ‘spring forth’ of life energy from behind our belly buttons.

Our point of view at any moment largely shapes how we feel about the experience of being in a flow, with a particular point of view and such-and-such (perceived) limitations acting like yin and yang, or two opposing forces.

External Circumstance, though powerfully apparent, has little to do with this, OTHER THAN: the geographical and societal local vibration reigns true, generally as a rule: Different Earth areas flow differently than others and our chi reacts accordingly. Native American societies had places marked as ‘dying’ or ‘killing’ places, while others were ‘healing vortexes’ and ‘spirit gates’. Animals sense these places naturally and behave differently there, sometimes.

Keywords: Geomancy, Ley Lines, Earth Grid, Earth Chakra Map

So learning to observe the nature of your own experience without emotion is a key step.

#7A Good and Bad are two sides of the same coin. Yin/Yang – Day/Night – High tide / Lo Tide – etc.

#7B We cannot ‘do’ anything truly ‘negatively’. This is shown by ‘don’t think of a striped candy’. boom. you are most likely thinking of a striped candy. An undesired negative entity can only be ‘pushed out’ by a higher vibration entity. Much in the same way the more dense milk automatically causes the cream to rise to the top. The cream is merely being itself, the milk does all the work. So if you want to stop thinking an ugly thought, replace it with a pretty one.

#8 The world is made of words. Choose your words and choose your worlds.

The art of Slopping Lords and Wetters (a triple spoonerism for “swapping words and letters”) is “Lexicography” Playing with anagrams can be ama-zing and revealing in sublime ways. e.g. Internet Anagram Server = I, Rearrangement Servant

(some examples from the site)

Mr. Mojo risin’ = Jim Morrison
Tom Cruise = So I’m cuter
Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
The United States Bureau of Fisheries = I raise the bass to feed us in the future
Martin Scorsese = Screen is a storm

and it goes on.

So be aware of the words that fall from one’s face, and watch out for “say it and see it.” When that happens (and you’ll know it when it does), you are getting closer. To what exactly? I’ll let you know when I find out. ~chween!~

#8A: Your Personal Universe only responds to positive portion of phrases. In other words, putting ‘not’ in an expression performs little contradiction. If one is ranting about “I don’t want any more lousy people in my life, or fat rats, or pests, or bills!” Then the universe will send one plenty of those nouns.

See? So a positive expression of one’s desires, opines, and surrounds will help ~ a lot ~ in attracting good things.

#9 Grounding and Centering – Put your own oxygen mask on first. The more you become attuned to other’s energies, the more you may want to help. This can get out of control, or addictive. We can spread ourselves ‘too thin’ and we get sick and create ‘dis-ease’.

So there is no harm in taking care of yourself and establishing good boundaries. Taking care of your own psychic self’s well being will enable you to assist others with grace and style. The thing to remember here is there a symphony of energies in the background behind each of us. Our bodies and minds here are largely the conductors. We don’t have to concentrate on each instrument, mainly keeping a good rhythm.

Some simple exercises include:
♦ Walking barefoot mindfully in the grass. Feeling it as much as possible.

♦ Standing or walking in the sun.

♦ Sitting on a large rock.

♦ Holding a stone in one’s hand and feeling that stone with nuance and detail.

>>> Centering may include visualizations such as a cloud of color that one’s body is breathing, with a ‘part’ (think combing hair) in the flow. Is the part in the center or does it seem to drift?

♦ Breathing in colors is a good counter for road rage or other emotional turmoil, and can be performed behind the wheel/cash register/ menial task, etc.

We exist inside an energetic egg. Imagining ourselves in the center of an engergy bubble is an excellent exercise.

Hey Look! I'm a Russian Doll!

Here is focus and concentration at it’s best, I believe he mentions he uses compassion to focus his chi “at” his ‘opponent’.

A Monk Demonstrates and Instructs the ShriLankan Police Dept

Energy Bubble Demonstratiom

I find combining the energy bubble visualization with my sunrise meditations really tunes in my cosmic connection between the sun-body-earth. I feel a like a pearl on a cosmic string.

Keywords: Chakras, Meditation, Subtle Bodies, Astral Projection

#10: We are what we eat, and what we eat, eats. Paying more attention to EVERYTHING (which means reading LOTS of Ingredients Lists) that one puts into their body can make a big change in awareness in lots of small but important places. Your body will tell you what it wants, once the channel is clear. Removing toxins like preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents and many of the ‘food safe’, but inert ingredients from our system will literally clear the channel for better intuitive connection and response. The process of detoxification literally raises the vibration of our consciousness and our physical bodies.

Note ♪, drastic changes to one’s diet can make for misery. Making changes over time gives one some wiggle room.

One may consider to keep a food diary. There’s an app for that.
When you can track how what you eat makes you feel, makes your body feel and how well (or not) it digests a particular thing, good food choices become easier and regrets become less.

If one is considering fasting, or ‘going on a fast’, do your homework. Typically these are only 24hrs or so, or skipping pork and beef for a week, or things like that. Even on a strong fast, usually bread and honey and water are considered OK. (tho these days, bread ain’t really bread anymore). Our behavior can change based on our diet. Ask any three year old.

Most of us have been absorbing small industrial toxins from the processed goods we consume. Eating more whole, home-cooked foods will aid in the gradual and healthy de-toxification of our bodies. Be careful with products advertising ‘de-tox’. Tea blends are generally better for one’s body, but exotic herbs can have side effects in high doses.

and of course even the original foods have been monkey’d with to the point now a LOT of gluten allergies are popping up amongst the populace.

Me: some time ago beef starting making me sick, like down for a day and half. Took a little while but realized what was happening so stopped eating it. Now it’s to the point where It’s Holy Cow. (no cow whatsoever, milk, cream, butter, beef)

As you develop your mystical character and your vibration starts increasing, odd things will begin to happen. “It’s the journey not the destination.” is oh-so true here. Being excited about the process of enhancing one’s self will excite the process itself. See! That is exciting!

I know this is a lot of info to soak up at first, the good news is, this is only the tip of the iceberg!


I ~know~ this is a lot of information to soak up. This may represent a fundamental shift in your point of view. This will happen with time, and not overnight. I can feel your excitement though. Excitement (void of expectation) is the key to happiness.

Write down your observations, Write down your questions. Ask me anything. Asking questions may get more questions. Asking sheep may get you kidding.

Go With Love.

Namaste (Namustard)

This entry was created exclusively for a private individual, but principles stated herein may apply universally.